Weather-Proof Your Yard

How to Weatherproof Your Yard

Posted by Divine Landscapes Sydney on  March 17, 2018
Category: Landscaping
When you start looking at landscape design options for your yard, you might factor in plants, lighting, and the overall flow of the space. But any landscape design expert will tell you that it’s about more than that. It should be an outdoor paradise and a haven for peace and rest. To achieve that, you have to incorporate areas to relax and entertain guests. A common problem people face, however, is that the weather can do a lot of damage. The UV rays in the sun can make plastic outdoor furniture fade and perish. Water can rot wicker furniture and make patio areas unusable. Wind can make sitting outside unpleasant too. The weather has a lot to answer for. That’s why it’s essential to factor extreme weather into your landscape design. Here are a few things that may be helpful to consider. Wind Shelter When you start looking at places to put your outdoor furniture, factor in the wind direction – or the wind in general. Is your house going to provide enough cover? Are there are enough plants to stop it from being a problem? Consider windbreaker plants and even trellis to break some of that wind’s flow. Your entertainment area will be a far more pleasant place to be in. 499