As one of Sydney’s premier landscaping companies, the team at Divine Landscaping is proud to offer a range of different landscape design services. We employ in-house design specialists, which means that we can work alongside you to design the perfect outdoor area for your home, wherever you are in Sydney or NSW.

We have years of combined industry experience and reputation for excellence, allowing you to rely on our design experts to bring your dreams to life. Using their skills and training, along with your instructions, they can put together a cost effective landscaping plan for your property.

Landscape Design SydneyDivine Landscaping Uses A Tried & Tested Design Process

Our years of industry experience has allowed us to develop a streamlined landscape design process which we have applied for countless clients throughout Sydney and the rest of NSW. This design process includes a number of essential steps, and is designed to aid us in developing practical solutions to transform your outdoor areas into attractive, functional living and recreation spaces.

Site consultationsBefore they begin working on your landscape design plan, our experts will visit your property and complete a visual inspection. This allows them to get a feel for the space, preparing them so that they can include relevant design elements in their plan. They will also discuss ideas with you during the consultation so that they can gain an insight into the outcomes that you’re expecting.

Concept planningFollowing the initial site consultation, our landscape design experts will begin working on a draft plan. This plan won’t be detailed, but will simply outline the main elements and their positions. Once complete, you will be able to work through the concept plan with our team and make changes as necessary.

Planting planningThe team at Divine Landscaping also includes a number of gardening experts, who will work alongside our designers to put together a planting plan. This will detail what plants you need, where they will be planted and how they should be managed in the future.

Design planning Once you have seen the concept plan and planting plan, we will combine the two into a final design schematic. This design plan will include all aspects of your new landscape design, including any materials that should be used.

Our Sydney Design Team Work Alongside Our Landscape Construction Team

Sometimes, it can be hard for a landscape designer to communicate their exact thoughts to a construction team. Likewise, construction teams sometimes have trouble understanding exactly what a design plan is showing, leading to mistakes and poorly constructed landscape elements.

To prevent this, our Sydney based landscape design team works closely with out landscape construction team. This means that ideas can flow freely between the two, reducing the chance of mistakes being made during the construction process.

We Offer Design Services On All Scales

Unlike some other Sydney landscape designers, Diving Landscaping is happy to work on projects of any size. We regularly undertake complete property transformations, but we’re equally happy to help you design a new garden, to help you choose the right plants for your property or even to help you redesign a small portion of your yard.

Speak To Our Friendly Team To Find Out How We Can Help!

The friendly team at Divine Landscaping is always happy to help. Our experienced team of designers can answer any questions you might have about our landscape design process, and we can help you take the first steps towards transforming your outdoor area into something that you previously only dreamed of.

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