Outdoor Living Space

Light it Up: How to Brighten Your Outdoor Living Space

Home landscaping isn’t just about beautiful flowers, shrubs, and lawns for as far as the eye can see. It can also be about making sure these things shine – even when there’s no natural light to help with the process. Read on to learn how you can brighten up your outdoor living space with various lighting options. Path Lighting Path lighting can be as much about function as it is about aesthetics. Sure, path lighting can help you get from your house to the tool shed, but it can also look beautiful once the sun sets at night. Imagine looking out over your yard at night and seeing lovely lights shining across your property? The beauty of path lighting, too, is that it’s easy to install and inexpensive. You can opt for stab-in-the ground solar lighting, or you can talk to your local landscaper about in-built lighting while creating a new path at the same time. Plant Lighting Have you got particular plants that you want to admire during the day and at night? Then consider plant lighting. There are specific lights you can buy to sit in front (or behind) your favourite plants. Once again, these can be built into particular foundations, or they can be stake solar lights. Fairy Lights Fancy a bit of fun lighting in your outdoor entertainment area? That’s where fairy lights come in. You can purchase these as solar lights or as plug-in ones. Make sure you’re aware of their waterproof rating before you buy them. Some fairy lights for sale are only suitable for use under shelter.

Hiring Landscaper

Why Hiring Someone in Landscape Design Can Save You Money

It’s worth stating that landscaping is something that you can do on your own. You can create a plan, buy plants and hardscaping items, and bring that plan to life. There’s no denying that it’s also a rewarding process when you turn that sketch into a real-life creation. Still, did you know that you may be able to save money by hiring someone to take care of your landscape design? Read on to find out how. They Can Work Quickly It may take you several days, weeks, or months to achieve the landscape design of your dreams. You have to work on it in between your other jobs and commitments, and it can seem like a never-ending task. In the meantime, changing weather can impact the elements you have finished, which can end up extending the project’s length. When you hire a landscaper, they work quickly. Landscaping is their job, so they dedicate all the time it takes to finish the task to your exacting standards. They Know Which Plants Will Work Australia’s climate is, in a word, challenging. Depending on where you reside, you can find yourself with too much heat or not enough. So, you may struggle to find the perfect plants for your climate. Get it wrong, and you end up having to buy them again and again until you get it right.

garden pot trends

Garden Pot Trends of 2019

If you’re still trying to get over the fantastic garden pots variety and trends of 2018, then what’s on offer in 2019 will amaze you. This year, gardeners are out in force, trying to create the perfect oasis or paradise with the latest and greatest garden pots and plant varieties. If you’re ready for a new round of planting, but you’re still trying to get your décor right, then read on. It might be time to include the following pots to your shopping list. Cylindrical is In If you thought a traditional garden pot was cute, then check out the cylindrical variety now available. Appearing kind of like a tube, a cylindrical planter is long and narrow, beautifully sleek, and contemporary. While they look stunning on their own, they look equally as so when you pair them with other pots of the same shape and style. Choose different heights to add depth to your collection, and choose a colour that will suit vibrant green plant life such as succulents and jade. Keep it Traditional While gardeners are looking to keep up with the trends, sometimes it’s an excellent idea to sit back and remember what you used to have. Get back to basics and traditional styling with Italian terracotta pots. The best terracotta pots are those which feature locally-sourced clay and no nasty additives that could impact your plants. It should contain earth and water, and nothing else. Your plants will love you for it.

landscape design

How to Add Colour to Your Landscape Design

Australia’s hot climate can make it challenging to bring colour to your landscape design. Luscious, green grass and shrubbery are sometimes off the menu due to arid conditions, and homeowners have to get creative with how they incorporate vibrancy in other ways. If you are about to work on your yard and need a helping hand with bringing it to life, then here’s how. Colourful Furniture Outdoor furniture doesn’t always have to be beige, wood, black, or grey. It can also be vibrant colours like blue or yellow. If you’d prefer not to make a significant investment when your current furniture is fine, then what about pillows? A few bright cushions on your existing furniture can break up the dull and drab shades of beige. Feature Wall If you have a section of fence that sits pride of place somewhere central, then take advantage of its position and make it stand out even more. Give it a makeover with a lick of paint. You can then use it as a backdrop for plant life. The beauty of a feature wall is that it costs next to nothing. You can buy a small volume of paint and use the materials that already border your property.